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"Lord equip us to teach those in need, that which would be pleasing to You.  Restore dignity, sense of purpose, and hope, as they learn new skills and grow; so they too can become givers after recieving a hand-up, not a hand-out.  May they know that the motivation of our action is Your love for them and it is Your will that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Amen."

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Hello everyone,                                                                         December 2004
Greetings in the name of our savior.  We hope the joy of the Lord is with you this Holiday Season!
Threads of Hope has gained amazing momentum during this past year, thanks to your support and prayers.  Some of you know we took a team to Kenya this summer for an awesome time of ministry. It was our 6th trip, and we are now seeing abundant fruit from our mission trips there. 
We established a sewing training center in the Keserian Children's Home and equipped two other areas to begin additional centers.  As I write, all these locations are actively sewing to earn income, AND, they are beginning to write back that they want to reach out to all of Kenya and surrounding countries!
Also, since we returned, I have come in contact with a couple from Madagascar who are now in Nairobi.  For the last seven years they have been traveling village to village teaching sewing and helping locals find jobs.  They came to Kenya to seek God's guidance for future missions, heard of Threads of Hope and e-mailed me.  We have now established a relationship and a three year plan for sewing outreaches in Kenya.  They are partnering with us to do further training in the areas we've been, as well as the new areas we are establishing.
I am blown away by this answer to prayer as we are living in the vision God gave me six years ago.  This happens to be the same time that this couple -Isaac and Marie- started their sewing ministry in Madagascar.
We also have a colleague ini Nairobi doing all the logistics and managing an office for Threads of Hope.  He recently brought sewing machines and funds from our Nairobi account to Rongai Church, just outside of Nairobe, where Isaac and Marie are now teaching.  This couple had started a sewing outreach to community prostitutes and widows, and they were sewing by hand.  We sent two, foot pedal sewing machines and supplies.  This will also enable the church to get back on it's feet as their original church building was burnied down six months ago by suspected Muslims.  They are meeting in a place that once was a bar, and they are very eager to expand this program and have a good plan in place.  Threads of Hope Africa is now seeing Africans training Africans with a purpose and a plan!  Praise the Lord!
Here are a few highlights on happenings since our return from Kenya;
     1.  Mission conferences provided funds to send six women, four of which are
          Maasai widows, to the training center in Keserian.  In two months, when
          training is completed, they will return to their respective villages where 
          they will train others.  The amount needed for those we sponsor is 
          $390.00 each for two months.
     2.  The Chrisian Motorcycle Association provided funds to purchase two
          Suzuki motorcycles for a Maasai pastor and a Maasai evangelist to
          reach villages in far, outlying areas.  They cost $3,000 each plus
          insurance and registration.  We provided them with sewing machines and
          other materials to reach people in very remote areas.
     3.  Our board agreed to help fund and build a $15,000.00 community and
          sewing center in Naikarra, on property given by the Maasai.  Plans call
          for five sleeping rooms, a large general purpose area as well as a kitchen
          with indoor plumbing.  We will need furniture as well. The property has
          it's own spring water!
     4.  We have recieved over $50,000 in material and seing machines that we 
          want to ship next year to Kenya.  The price to buy the container is 
          approximately $1,500.  The price to ship is approximately $6,000.  The
          container will be left on church property and will be used as a warehouse 
          for future outreaches.
     5.  We are in need of working computers, VCRs for training films, industrial
          walking foot sewing machines, over locking machines, (sergers), more 
          thread and other sewing related items.  We also need children's shoes
          for the orphange and books for them, especially reference books such
          as dictionaries, bibles, study manuals, etc.  They have shelves but no
A part of being in the will of God is that you suddenly, at some point in time, find yourself living in a vision!  God has somehow placed in your heart the desire to be obedient to help supply the needs of this ministry.  Would you put up an extra stocking this Christmas for the widows and orphans in Africa and around the world?
If you want to help with any of these projects, please write a check to Missionary Ventures.  In the memo area of your check, put "Threads of Hope" and for what project: Maasai Building Fund, Widows Fund, Orphans Fund, Shipping Fund, or support for Al and Gail.  Please mail it to our address below so we can be sure it gets properly accounted for.
God Beless,
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