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"Lord equip us to teach those in need, that which would be pleasing to You.  Restore dignity, sense of purpose, and hope, as they learn new skills and grow; so they too can become givers after recieving a hand-up, not a hand-out.  May they know that the motivation of our action is Your love for them and it is Your will that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Amen."

                                                 Threads of Hope  2007 A sweet  lady recently called me to make a pledge (of a sewing machine) for a widow in memory of her deceased husband. This caused me to think, among the many choices of organizations that make pleas this time of the year; here is a unique way to give a gift that keeps on giving.  A SEWING MACHINE. At Threads of Hope we equip and train widows and orphans to earn an income by sewing, along with bringing the Gospel Good News. A widow in a Third world village with no electricity or any other means can  feed an entire family with one sewing machine!   In most countries treadle sewing machines cost around $100.  A great gift that will last a lifetime.  Just think, 5 to 10 machines would start a co-op.  20 to 30 machines would start a training center and 40 to 50 a production center!  These centers are arranged through indigenous pastors and their churches with the help and training by Threads of Hope.  Only with your financial and prayerful help have we been able to accomplish opening many centers around the Globe.  In Kenya we have 6 centers and helped many other individuals, churches and pastors in 10 years in Africa.  In North India a pastor friend has 9 village sewing co-ops with 20 to 30 women in each area.  Churches were started there because of these sewing outreaches.  Personal relationships are formed early during the equipping and training, allowing the gospel to be presented; the motivation behind our actions and love for them.                                                                                                              With your help, some day a widow in a mud hut in Kenya may see her child grow to become a great leader because he was clothed,schooled and fed, spiritually as well, because (mama) told him Bible stories and shared how God was with them and provided a sewing machine that enabled her to earn a living!  Did you ever think a sewing machine could help prevent malaria?  Along with tailoring school uniforms, mosquito nets are made for trade or personal use.  Tens of thousands around the globe get sick or die each year from malaria.  Areas where there is no electricity a treadle sewing machine can produce protective shrouds for sleeping areas…  The sewing machine, one of the greatest inventions of all time” a quote by Mahatma  Gandhi. We in the USA take much for granted and may think these basic needs are taken care of,  they are not.  Many I talk to don’t realize treadle machines are being manufactured by the ship load in China and India.  The problem is, widows and orphans with no income can not afford to buy them.  We are called to stand in the gap to help them from poverty by equipping and training them.  Will you help us to help them.   Together we are covering the world with Threads of Hope “  The 40 foot container we sent with 700 new sewing machines is now sitting on Holy ground in Kenya.  Many helped with this project financially and prayerfully.  Now our task is to go and distribute them to our centers and help create new centers and co-ops. We need your continuing support for the Kenya Threads of Hope—Africa projects.  May God Bless you and yours this Christmas.  In His Service,   Al Barrett                                                Matt 25:35    “. ...I was naked and you clothed me…. “                        Threads of Hope, Missionary Ventures International                 Al Barrett Threads of Hope ,  Missionary Ventures International             I was naked and you clothed me”  

  “I know your deeds.  See; I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” Rev  3:8 Consider doing an outreach with us in the future, these teams are making a difference!                 Next year in 2008 Threads of Hope has much to accomplish. We need your prayers and financial support.  We have much to do in Kenya and we will be opening a new center in Honduras in the spring.         We will  continue our efforts in India and Africa as well.  We expect to send teams to train in these areas.  See the pledge card to see how you can partner with us.