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"Lord equip us to teach those in need, that which would be pleasing to You.  Restore dignity, sense of purpose, and hope, as they learn new skills and grow; so they too can become givers after recieving a hand-up, not a hand-out.  May they know that the motivation of our action is Your love for them and it is Your will that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Amen."

2009 Mission to Africa

Dear Friends,


Threads of Hope is expanding  by equipping people and their Pastors during our 10th mission trip to Kenya in 13 years. To be in the midst of what God is doing, evokes all the senses, bathed in His Holy Spirit as we are able to bless the Kenya widows, orphans and Pastors.  The challenge is trying to describe it in words, but photographs help. Being there, really is the best way to experience God’s power.  I hope this follow-up letter will be an encouraging blessing to you, especially those who have supported this mission trip as well as Threads of Hope for so many years.


It always amazes me how God can expand or fill our mission trips with Divine appointments and important events. It was all about past, present and future. After being flat-out sick in bed on the third day (Al had food poisoning) the rest of the trip was awesome. New relationships began and two new sewing centers are being started.  Highlights of this trip were:

  • Meeting with leadership and partners in Nairobi, Maasailand, and Nakuru.
  • Al spoke at the NPC Church in Nairobi, and in Maasailand, and in two villages.
  • Gail and Mary ministered at the Pregnancy Centers in Nairobi and Nakuru.  They brought a 2-day Post Abortion Bible Study to the leadership. This was followed by a 1-day Post Abortion Facilitators Training and a day of refreshing for their weary volunteers and staff. They were so thrilled to receive this important encouragement from the Lord. We also brought the Pregnancy Center 10 more new sewing machines to bless their clients!
  • We delivered God’s Word everywhere and food to the hungry widows in Maasailand (Kenya is having a bad drought and famine, which results in many problems).
We presented a motorcycle to a remote Pastor who is North of Nakuru; and another to the new clinic in Ngoswani.  We also met with nine Maasai Pastors who have received motorcycles though our ministry and funded by the Christian Motorcycle Association. This was a rare photo-op as they came from a 100-mile radius in this wilderness area.  They are called “The Mara Harvestors for Christ Team”, who reach the unreached with the message of the Gospel.
  • An all day celebration and dedication of the new Church in Ngoswani was attended by 700 people from the region. Dr. Tonya Hawthorne from New Frontiers Health Force, along with Al, were guest speakers at this very colorful event. The new Church building was funded by Jan McCray Ministries and N.F.H.F.  Al has served on their Board of Directors for 15 and 7 years respectively.    
  • We made a heart-wrenching visit to a government hospital to pray for the sick and dying. (I have seen cleaner barns without the stench of death).
  • Threads of Hope brought 25 new sewing machines to our friends, Molly & Joseph Bail, who had sold all of their possessions in the United States, moved to Africa, and just opened an orphanage in Nakuru.
  • We also started a new sewing outreach in Pokot for “Cana Girls Rescue Center”, an outreach to women escaping their planned female circumcision, which can lead to infection and death.
  • And we got to see the new medical clinic funded by New Frontiers Health Force.  For many years, and on previous trips, the Threads of Hope teams prayed with the Maasai for medical teams to come one day…and they finally have… what and answer to prayer!!!

Speaking of answers to prayers, we can tell you first hand of many prayers that have come to fruition in the last 5 years. Here is a major answer to prayer: a well, 300 feet deep, overflowing with water at 11,000 liters per minute! The Threads of Hope team and the Maasai community prayed in a large circle (in 2004) on the very spot where the geologist found this water. Wow! It is amazing what God has done!  

Other wonderful prayers answered include:                                                                                                               

1.      A new clinic

2.      A new Church building, the largest and most beautiful for more than 100 miles.

3.      A sewing co-op for women received 25 sewing machines.

4.      10 motorcycles for Massai Pastors.

5.      Solar audio Bibles for Maasai Pastors.

6.      Made arrangements to purchase fabrics, factory direct from a mill in Nakuru.


Mary and her new friend

Sit down toilets in the outhouse!  Hooray!         



Ngoswani: Once a “T” in the road on a dusty plain, now an emerging town on a main road to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The chief has offered to give us two acres of land to build a Sewing Training Center for Threads of Hope - Africa.  They are currently submitting plans for the development of this training center and co-op. Remember when we sent 700 sewing machines in a 40 foot container two years ago? Next year they are expecting electricity to come their way.  Now I know why God sent electric machines for this effort. God continues to show us that He supplies our needs before we even know what they are.


Thank you for helping us to wrap the World with Threads of Hope.        


May God Bless You Abundantly,

Gail & Al Barrett

Threads of Hope Family.
Mission accomplished and then some. A quick glance.......
After being flat out sick in bed on the third day the rest of the trip was awesome.
It was all about past present and future. Made it through all of our itinerary; and then some new relationships happened, and  2 new sewing centers are being started. Highlights were: Meeting with leadership and partners in Nairobi, Maasailand and Nakuru. spoke at the NPC Church in Nairobi. and Maasailand in 2 villages. Gail ministered at the Pregnancy Centers in Nairobi and Nakuru, Post abortion Grief Counseling to the leadership. We deliverd God's word everywhere and food to the hungry in Maasailand ( bad drought, many problems)  Presented a motorcycle to a remote Pastor north of Nakuru. Made a hospital visit (I have seen cleaner barns with out the stench of death) Met with 9 Maasai Pastors that have received Motorcycles from us funded by the Christian Motorcycle Association. They were among 700 people who attended the new Church dedication in Ngoswani.  Had photo op as these Pastors are scatted within 100's miles around. They are "the Mara Harvesters for Christ" team ( reaching the un reached)  
The Chief has given us 2 acres of land to build a Sewing Training Center for Threads of Hope - Africa. They are submitting plans.  It will be a training center and sewing co-op. We made arrangements to buy fabric factory direct at a mill in Nakuru.
Sewing with His Word


This was sent by a new Pastor we met on our last trip to Kenya. This is our latest outreach in helping these girls being rescued from female mutilation. They are in a village in East Pokot (40 miles North of Nakuru)  The Rev. Chochoi has a mission home there called "The Cana Girls Rescue Home" We met a Missionary lady in Nakuru who is going there to teach. She is our latest partner with Threads of Hope to do training. They have 50 girls in this facility.  They are overwhelmed to have just two sewing machines to help them.  We hope to be able to help more as giving allows.
Al Barrett
Threads of Hope

4th September 2009 

Greetings in Jesus name.


Thank you so much for your email dated 4th October 2009 which you had requested for pictures of the girls using the machines. 


I am pleased to inform you that together with this email are photographs of the girls using the sewing machines. The girls are constantly practicing during the weekends on how to use the machines.


Kindly I am requesting for six more sewing machines to be paid in Installment at the rate of Ksh 500 per month to Mr. Joseph and Mally Bail you advised.


Blessing from us all


Yours in Christ’s Service

   Rev Christopher Chochoi.Cc. Joseph and Mally Bail   

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