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"Lord equip us to teach those in need, that which would be pleasing to You.  Restore dignity, sense of purpose, and hope, as they learn new skills and grow; so they too can become givers after recieving a hand-up, not a hand-out.  May they know that the motivation of our action is Your love for them and it is Your will that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Amen."

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Prayerfully consider joining us


A short term mission trip can be the very event we need to find our place with God.  It did for me on my 1st MVI trip to Russia in 1996.  In 1998 He birthed a ministry called "Out of Africa" on another short term mission trip called "Threads of Hope", a sewing ministry with a vision to help widows and orphans and indigenous pastors to earn a living with sewing skills.  God has given me a vision that has expanded from 1 sewing machine for a pastor and women in Kilimanjaro to a global reach to more than 20 countries; 7 in Africa.(we've made 7 trips there)  It began from seed  money from a messianic Jewish lawyer on an airplane on our way to Tanzania on a short term mission trip in 1998.  As he handed me some money he said" put this will it will sow into the kingdom of God" This seed money bought the 1st sewing machine that began this ministry.  God has expanded this mission through generous giving and equipping in ways only He can do.
I am a canvas maker by trade.  I design and sew custom canvas boat tops, covers, upholstery etc.  I really did not aspire to become a missionary or have a grand desire to become one.  But I did hear the call (a tug) to do a short term mission trip.  Obedience and willingness is the key.
A career can end at anytime - a calling lasts forever; sometimes the two meet in a crossroad to go on. (A blessing by God to reveal His will)  Are you called to serve, go, or send?  Or do you just wonder?; like tall grass in the wind, or undulating waves, with timeless laps upon the shore.  (By the way we are very poetic about the timeless laps upon the shore.  God made them - don't you think?)  So why not be a ripple in the water (living) than be the beach to receive an ever changing piece of ground struggling for a boundary, when Gods truths only are the lines that set us free. 
Join us in a sort term mission trip and you will find the opportunity to walk with Him and what a treasure it is!

Al Barrett
Threads of Hope
Missionary Ventures International